Highly concentrated rejuvenating cream, inspired by state-of-the-art nano and high-tech technologies, effectively fights skin aging. It is proven by scientific studies and patents in the fields of anti-aging, hydration and cell nutrition. It has moisturizing, brightening and nourishing effects and a unique patented ability to activate the skin’s own production of collagen.

Thanks to its unique composition, it can bind moisture very effectively in the skin and prevent moisture loss, therefore increasing hydration, elasticity, density and brightness. Step by step, it repairs the damage and consistently regenerates the skin. The cream is perfumed with the exceptional scent of MOLECOOL – Le Parfum, which combines powder iris, sensual jasmine sambac, intoxicating damask rose and warm sandal.
Top-quality skin nutrition contains the lowest molecular weight branded hyaluronic acid on the market and rare plant phytoceramides from rice. The effectiveness of these two substances is supported by dozens of professional studies.

-51% reduces wrinkles
+ 57% stimulates collagen synthesis
+ 51% increase in firmness
+ 169% better stimulation of elastin production
+ 205%  increase in brightness of the skin

50.00 ex. Tax

Hyaluronic acid    :
– Exclusive and patented hyaluronic acid
– Increases natural collagen production in the body
– Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
Rice ceramides  :
– Excellent hydration capabilities
– They prevent ageing process by regenerating cells in all layers giving younger appearance
Neossance ® Squalane  :
– Can reduce wrinkles by 51%
C-Pep ™ TriColl  :
– Stimulates collagen synthesis up to 57%
C-Pep ™ Elastyl  :
– Increases firmness up to 51%
– Stimulates production of elastin for up to 169%
Stem Cells from raspberries  :
– Patented stem cell extract ensures extremely strong hydration
Stoechiol ®  :
– Natural Botulotoxin
– Clinically tested to reduce visible appearance of wrinkles by 17.4% in just 24hrs
Somitine ®  :
– Increases brightness by up to 205%
Floraesters ®  :
– Reduction of redness
– hydrating skin
– improves natural protection of skin
– clinically tested
Rosemary extract  :
– Protects the DNA of skin
– Supports hydration and detoxification
– high levels of Vit C and E

– For maximum effect spread in long gentle strokes all over the face, around eye area, neck and decolletage
– Does not contain SPF factor
– Should be stored in properly tightened (closed) jar.

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