The hyaluronic acid used in MOLECOOL ICONIC BEAUTY CAPS is very well absorbed due to its low molecular weight, therefore fully usable for the body. Significantly reduces wrinkles, increases skin brightness and elasticity. In addition, it is obtained in a sophisticated way – by fermentation. Plant phytoceramides from rice are one of the most up and coming beauty ingredients on the market.
After 6 months of use, they increase the hydration of the skin and its elasticity, strengthen the skin surface and reduce the depth of wrinkles. This top nutrition with the maximum possible efficiency, is supported by dozens of professional studies and inspired by research in fields of anti-aging, hydration and cell nutrition.

29% reduction of wrinkles, and their depth
+ 15% increase skin elasticity
+ 22% increase in skin hydration
+ 19% better skin elasticity
+ 25% smoother and softer skin

52.00 ex. Tax

Branded Hyaluronic acid    :
– Unique patented formula with very low molecular weight, enables the body to successful absorption and utilization
– Have been clinically tested and approved by international quality tests
– Extracted by sophisticated means- fermentation
– Reducing wrinkles by 29% *
– Increases elasticity by 15% *
– Successfully reduces signs of Osteoporosis
– Clinical study, after 6 months of use.

Botanical Phytoceramides from rice   :
– Are considered one of the strongest beauty ingredients on the market
– Increases hydration by 22% *
– Lowers the depth of wrinkles by 7% *
– Increases the elasticity of the skin by 19% *
– Increases the softness of skin by 25%
– Clinical study, after 6 months of use.

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