Privacy Policy

Information on the Processing of Personal Data (GDPR)

Here you will learn how we deal with the information you provide to us when you make a purchase and what to do if you do not like it.


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At Mymolecool s.r.o. (that is the name of our company), we keep the following information about customers:

Identification data – first and last name, or company name ID number and VAT number.
Contact details – address, phone number and email.
Additional information – date of purchase, number of packages, mode of transport and payment.
We use the data to fulfill the concluded Purchase Contract, i.e. delivery of the ordered goods, because without them the order cannot be delivered or the invoice issued correctly.

We only store data for as long as we are prescribed by law, then we erase the data.
Order information is stored for 8 years – that is, for as long as it can be subject to financial control. The information you provide during e-mail communication is retained on the email server.

We only provide data to companies when necessary. Your personal, contact and additional information and selected information about your activities are also sent to:

-Wordfence (to protect our website and your data)

-Email service (so we can send you an email about completing your order and invoice)

-Facebook (so we can connect with you on facebook)

-Google (to find us)

-Mymolecool s.r.o. (the name of our company, in case you forgot) keeps accounts where information about your payments to Mymolecool s.r.o. may appear.

Your rights – Your data is processed transparently, correctly and in accordance with the law. We treat the data like our own. You have the right to access, rectify or delete your data, as well as to withdraw your consent to their processing, as well as any other rights arising from the law. If you believe that processing is not in order, do not hesitate to contact us at the same time with any question at